Altura offers efficient, cost-effective and confidential administration of compensation and human resource surveys.  Our survey administration services include:

Survey Design

We work with you to design a survey and data collection process that will deliver the data needed to meet your needs.

Survey Participation

We help you identify an approach that will maximize survey participation and are available to create and distribute the invitations and survey participation materials.

Survey Analysis and Reporting

We compile and review the survey data as it is received by participants, performing quality checks and following up on questionable and missing data elements.  We work with you to develop survey reports that present the data in a professional and high value format.

UNIQUE Survey Landing Pages

Each survey administered by Altura has its own unique landing page where invited organizations can access important information about the survey as well as the current participation materials.

Survey Data Confidentiality and Protection

Altura takes the confidentiality and protection of all data provided to us very seriously.  All employer and individual data submitted for our surveys is held in complete confidence and is never divulged to any outside party. In order to protect the anonymity of all data submitted, survey results are reported in aggregate form only.

Our surveys are designed and administered in compliance with anti-trust guidelines.


We work with organizations to design and implement compensation programs that...

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Survey Administration

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