PayPulseTM is our fast-response survey service that allows organizations to gather data – whether compensation for a small number of jobs (perhaps even just one job) or responses to a limited number of pay or human resource practice questions – from a specific comparison group of organizations.  PayPulse Surveys are an excellent way to take the “pulse” of the market.

  • Fast:  Results typically available within four weeks.
  • Flexible:  PayPulse surveys can be used to collect basic pay information (base pay rate, pay range, incentive data) for just one or a set of jobs.  We also conduct PayPulse surveys on pay practice questions, job design, career paths, human resource metrics and other topics, as requested by clients.  We are happy to provide a cost quote based on your specific data needs and objectives.
  • Custom-Designed:  You control the information gathered.  We work to ensure that the survey is designed to meet your needs and positioned to encourage maximum participation.
  • Compliant:  All PayPulse surveys are designed and administered in compliance with federal anti-trust guidelines.
  • Confidential:  Altura provides independent third party data collection and reporting.  Our survey administration policies are designed to ensure that all submitted data is held in complete confidence and all reporting is done in a manner that protects the anonymity of participant data.

Interested in discussing a potential PayPulse survey?  Email or, if you prefer, feel free to download and complete our PayPulse Survey Request Form and send that to us.


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