We provide consulting services to clients in the following areas:

Executive Compensation

Effective executive compensation programs motivate executives to pursue goals and expend resources in ways that serve the longer-term best interests of the organization and its owners/stakeholders.  We are available to work with you in structuring executive compensation packages that will attract, retain and motivate the leadership talent necessary for your organization’s success.

Sales Compensation

Sales compensation plans can play a tremendous role in driving sales excellence, but they present many complex design challenges.  We can help you define your company’s specific sales roles and responsibilities, and translate your unique sales strategy into a plan which motivates and rewards the efforts necessary for sales achievement.

Base Salary Systems and Structures

The base salary structure is the foundation upon which all performance and reward programs rest.  On its own, the base salary system helps ensure that employees are consistently and fairly paid, in line with the organization’s intent and objectives.  In addition, it provides a solid base from which to successfully implement incentive compensation programs to drive individual, group and organization-wide performance.  Our consulting team can assist you in developing a base salary structure that meets your unique needs.

Incentive Compensation

Incentive compensation plans – also known as variable pay plans – are those reward programs whose payments are contingent upon some measure or measures of performance.  Incentive compensation can be a powerful tool for aligning employee efforts with organizational objectives.  We are available to work with you in designing and implementing incentive plans that will deliver the results you are seeking.


We work with organizations to design and implement compensation programs that...

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Survey Administration

We support organizations through the design and third party administration of...

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Through our PayPulseTM surveys, we provide organizations with timely and up-to-date...

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